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What is kairos coffee catering?

We’re a mobile coffee cart that brings quality espresso and coffee drinks to your event! Whether it’s a wedding, party, or business meeting, we’ll be there catering delicious coffee to all of your guests or customers.

cappuccinos & lattes

americanos & hot chocolates

mochas & Espresso

what we cater to

kairos coffee catering packages

Our Basic Espresso Bar package includes unlimited hot cappuccinos, lattes (with flavor options), mochas, americanos, and hot chocolates.

The following items can be added to the Basic Espresso Bar package:

Iced drinks

Each drink listed above is also available iced. This is perfect for the heat & iced coffee lovers.

teas and chai tea lattes

This includes hot herbal teas, chai tea lattes, and lemonades in both regular or raspberry flavors.

REgular coffee

This includes freshly brewed, locally roasted hot coffee and plenty of cream and sugars.

custom stamped cups

Make your event extra special with personalized cups stamped with your wedding/quince date, names or anything else you choose.

hot chocolate toppings BAR

This includes marshmallows, chocolate chips, candy pieces, drizzle flavors, and more.

kairos bundles

Save more with Kairos Bundles. This bundle includes 2 hours of the Basic Espresso Bar package, Iced Drinks, Regular Coffee, and Custom Stamped Cups. Contact us for pricing.


“I am a coffee lover. I am extremely particular about having a good cup of coffee. My husband and I met at a coffee shop. I am obsessed with coffee and as you can read coffee is a huge part of my life. So of course its had to be part of our wedding. Jessica was extremely nice and sweet since our first phone call, always excited to answer all my questions. The coffee at our wedding was outstanding and they seemed to have as much fun as we did that day.
If you are looking for great coffee for your event I would highly recommend Kairos coffee.”

– Indira Fajardo

“Excellent service! Delicious coffee! The party girl was extremely happy and guests had many compliments on service and coffee. will defenitly book again”

– Minnie Lopez

“Highly recommend! They were a hit at my wedding. The coffee was absolutely delicious and service was exceptional. I got so many compliments at the wedding from guests who were just overall impressed. They truly are a pleasant team to work with who absolutely enjoy what they do. Thank you Kairos!”

– Klarissa Ann Renteria

“Kairos Catering has stirred a buzz around our office! It’s a treat to have them over every month to help give back to the patients we love. Our experience with Kairos Catering has been absolutely excellent. Besides being professional and friendly they are always extremely helpful with answering questions. It’s been a true blessing to be able to work with them and we wish them only the best!”

– Freels Orthodontics

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our story

When Gabriel and Jessica got married in Chicago of 2015, they knew they needed a coffee caterer to serve the drinks they love to the people they love! After hearing their guest’s amazing reaction to the coffee, a dream was born in their hearts to start a coffee catering company someday. While on a trip to their new home city of McAllen, they felt God had spoken softly to their hearts that it was “time” for this dream to become a reality. That’s where Kairos Coffee Catering got it’s name! Kairos is greek for “the timing of God” or the “appointed time”. And God has shown them that this was indeed the time to launch their dream business. Gabriel and Jessica’s heart isn’t just serving amazing coffee at amazing events, but to bless everyone who comes to the cart and show them that the time for God to move is now!